Eric Clapton & John Mayall 70th Birthday Concert

2001 • 2h 03m

“Let me say that for so many years I have dreamed of something like this event being possible. Through the auspices of the Unicef Committee and the enthusiastic support of Eagle Rock Entertainment, this special show, a special 70th birthday celebration in my honor came to be. I thought it important to first of all approach the man who was with me at the beginning of the Bluesbreakers' 40 year journey–Eric Clapton. It just so turned out that happily his schedule seemed to coincide with the show date. We would both be in England at the same time and so he, along with another of the greats from my past, Mick Taylor, signed up for the gig with great anticipation at re-visiting some of our shared blues roots in a live performance that would be committed to posterity on film." —John Mayall, 2002