Duran Duran Classic Albums: Rio

2008 • 0h 52m

Against a backdrop of Thatcher’s Britain with riots, record unemployment, and a conflict with Argentina over the Falkland Islands, Duran Duran released Rio, the follow-up to their self-titled debut album. This optimistic and celebratory recording became one of the most acclaimed and enduring albums of the 1980s. And while the band had tasted success with their first album, it was Rio that would catapult them to global stardom, an album that would ultimately sell in excess of 10 million copies worldwide, the cornerstone in the career of a ground-breaking band who would go on to sell 85 million albums and counting.

This Classic Albums film tells the story behind the writing, recording, and subsequent success of this fresh album with interviews, musical demonstration, and a special performance from the band, as well as returning to dissect the multi-tracks with members of the band themselves and revisit the iconic videos with their director. Classic archive footage and stills and comments from contemporaries and journalists contribute to this story and sets the album in its rightful place in rock history.