Can You Feel It? How Dance Music Conquered the World Part 3: The DJ

2017 • 1h 00m

In the final part of Can You Feel It? we tell the extraordinary story of the DJ. With a cast that features todays biggest DJ stars alongside house pioneers, we plot the amazing DJ path from invisibility to center stage. How is it that people who play records are today’s highest paid music stars?

“There’s two types of people in the world. Those that hear a record they like and have to listen to it over and over again in their headphones. They’re called normal people. Then there’s another kind that as soon as they hear a record they like, they have to play it to loads of other people. And they’re called DJs” Norman Cook mused in 2018.

Today the DJ is a major celebrity. Rich. Influential. And very, very powerful. “It was impossible to think that we were going tobecome the biggest musical phenomenon in the world. But we did it,” said David Guetta in 2018. We follow the record box from Greg Wilson demonstrating the—at the time—bizarre act of mixing two records on a 1980s edition of The Tube, through Ibiza vibe-pioneer Alfredo, to Paul Oakenfold’s legendary sets at acid-house night Spectrum.

And we tell the extraordinary stories of today’s mega-star mixers. DJs who earn upwards of $50 million a year. With powerful, in-depth interviews with David Guetta, Steve Aoki, Tiesto, Paul Van Dyk, Black Madonna, Moby, and Midland we discover the incredible highs and the inevitable lows of this new brand of music stardom.The sometimes isolated existence of the lone DJ is brought in to sharp focus by the recent tragic death of 28-year-old Swedish House megastar Avicii. Other contributors include Pete Tong, Jeff Mills, Terry Farley, Fabio, and Nina Kravitz.