Can You Feel It? How Dance Music Conquered the World Part 2: The Club

2017 • 1h 00m

In Part 2 we celebrate the most important cultural entertainment space of the last thirty years—the club. From Studio 54, The Loft, and Paradise Garage to Shoom, illegal raves, The Hacienda, Cream, and on to the contemporary mega-club brands in Las Vegas and Ibiza.

We tell the story of how club culture went from shady Chicago lofts to dessert casinos. Along the way we learn about the pioneering sound systems that powered the clubs which transitioned disco into house. Legendary Studio 54 DJ Nicky Siano takes us to see the last remaining Richard Long system—in a fairground on Coney Island. Paul Oakenfold takes us back to the place he considers to be the birthplace of modern day dance culture—an unlikely back alley in Streatham, South London. New Order members Stephen Morris and Bernard Sumner recall the New York trip that led to the birth of the Manchester dance mecca Hacienda.

We finish our story with the multi-billion dollar business of modern clubbing where huge dance events dominate the festival calendar and clubbers in Las Vegas can pay $50,000 for a table by the dance floor. Has the corporate dance experience killed the true meaning of clubbing?