Brian Johnson & Sting A Life on the Road: Season 1, Episode 4

2017 • 0h 45m

Brian travels to New York to meet old friend and fellow Geordie, Sting. The pair travel Downtown in a Ford Econoline van (the same van The Police used to drive around the USA on their debut tour) to the site of The Police’s first gig in America –the legendary CBGB’s. The 30-minute ride becomes a journey back to 1978 and Brian and Sting talk en route about how far they both have come because of life on the road. Brian and Sting arrive at CBGB’s (now a fashion boutique) and as Sting walks into the very room where The Police first played New York, the memories come flooding back and he talks of the small venues, the ‘fleapits and toilets’ he used to play in and how those were the best years, whereas the stadiums he performed in once he was famous, all blur into one.

Leaving CBGBs, Brian and Sting walk a few blocks down the Bowery to all-night diner Phebe's, where in the old days, Sting would drink coffee and reflect on his new life and the prospect of conquering America. They share a drink and discuss a variety of topics; how The Police rode on the back of the punk scene despite their accomplished musicianship; first impressions of NYC; growing tensions between band members, success going to your head; damage to family life; the move to stadiums; the break-up; reasons for reforming the Police for one more tour in 2007 and how it was different second time around; Sting’s routines and rituals pre-show and after show; life as an Englishman in New York and more.