Brian Johnson & Roger Daltrey A Life on the Road: Season 1, Episode 1

2017 • 0h 45m

Brian Johnson has known Roger Daltrey for 40 years and their lives have followed a similar trajectory, from humble origins to global stardom. Brian meets Roger outside the house he grew up in, in Shepherd’s Bush, London. They take a walk through the neighborhood streets and end up at Bush Hall, where The Who rehearsed in their early days. In Bush Hall, Brian and Roger discuss how in many ways, the modern rock tour was invented by The Who.

They pioneered many of the moves and postures of the live rock show: the bombast, the aggression, the strutting, the element of danger on stage, the ear-splitting loudness, and the move into bigger arenas with laser shows and giant TV screens. And while on the road, The Who were second to none in terms of rock and roll mayhem –it was a non-stop carnival of drugs, groupies, and wrecked hotel rooms. Brian and Roger’s conversation turns to The Who’s 1969 album Tommy and subsequent tour –and how it transformed The Who from a quirky, antagonistic art-rock band into stadium-filling Rock Gods. Their tête-à -tête then focuses on a series of historic gigs, in particular some of The Who’s experiences in America which turned them into the kind of band which, in the 1970s, would go on to shape modern touring on an epic scale, with all its pomp and excess.