Brian Johnson & Lars Ulrich A Life on the Road: Season 1, Episode 2

2017 • 0h 45m

Brian visits Lars Ulrich at Metallica HQ in San Rafael, CA, USA, which is the base for the band and their operation. Lars gives Brian a tour of the facilities before they sit down to talk in the band’s main rehearsal room. The pair reflect on how Metallica had gone from playing to 200 metal fans at the Stone in San Francisco in September 1982, to performing to an estimated 1.5M fans at Tushino Airfield in Moscow in September 1991.

The Moscow concert was only one of the stops on Metallica’s 91-93 Wherever We May Roam tour. This tour and all that it entailed forms the basis of Brian & Lars’s conversation. By the time the tour ended, Metallica had cemented their reputation as one of the biggest and hardest rocking bands in the world. Brian draws on his own experiences of life on the road—how he went from playing Social Clubs in the North East of England to fronting one of the biggest bands in the world.

Brian and Lars share "war stories" from the Rock and Roll front line. How do you deal with fame on the scale that both he and Lars have achieved? How do you come down after playing a gig in front of thousands (or millions) of fans? What are the routines and rituals that become part of your daily life on the road? How important are the road crew and the management in making sure that the shows run as smoothly as possible (or in some cases not!)?

Cover image © Somethin Else Sound Directions Ltd. 2017