Bob Marley Classic Albums: Catch A Fire

1997 • 1h 48m

A one-hour documentary about the making of The Wailers's Catch A Fire, the album that brought international recognition to Bob Marley.

The program takes a track-by-track look at the making of the album. In London, producer Chris Blackwell and sound engineer Tony Platt lead us through the original multi-tracks of “Slave Driver,” “Concrete Jungle,” “Stir it Up,” “Rock It Baby,” and others. Rabbit Brundrick (keyboards) and Wayne Perkins (electric guitar) tell us how they were brought back in to add the rock and roll parts to the album.

The program is illustrated by archival footage from The Wailers in concert, early interviews with Bob Marley and Peter Tosh, and television performances and rare home movies that provide a unique insight into the process behind the recording of this landmark album.