Meet our team of music, tech, and earth lovers, working to bring concerts straight to you. 

Mike Mountford
Founder & CEO

Our fearless leader, Mike is the innovator behind mySongbird™ who is working to make his vision a reality. He loves music, is passionate about the environment, and can be found golfing or watching Notre Dame sporting events in his spare time.

First ever concert: America

Stephen Prendergast
Executive Vice President

Stephen is an entrepreneurial leader who brings expertise in not only music but also media, sports, and digital content. Our lone Canadian, Stephen has worked with Live Nation/Ticketmaster, Ninja Metrics, officialCOMMUNITY, and BMG/Sony/Arista Records.  He is a passionate baseball fan and a long-time loyal supporter of both the Toronto Blue Jays (American league) and the LA Dodgers (National League)!  

First ever concert: The Rolling Stones

Meghan Thornton
Vice President & GM

Meghan brings her prior experience on both the creative and technical sides of the entertainment industry to help give mySongbird™ its voice. A WGA Award-nominated writer, she finds peace in nature and wants to return the favor. This marks her first stint in the music industry since grade school when she wrote and recorded songs in the basement using her mom’s cassette player.

First ever concert: Poison

Thornton Mountford
Director of Operations

Thornton is an avid music fan who also happens to be very passionate about operations. As a proven manager and leader he has shown his strong belief in realizing the potential and the value of his team members. His favorite band of all time is Oasis. He is not at all used to there being more than one “Thornton” at a company.

First Ever Concert: Matchbox Twenty

Robert Angone
EP Creative Director

The creative brains of mySongbird, Bob is a lifelong gear junkie who loves music, exploring the great outdoors, and vintage Italian motorcycles. Bob’s musical tastes vary from classical to alternative/punk, and both he and his wife are avid fans of all forms of live music. He is excited to bring our myWay™ tech to more shows in the COVID-free future. Bob likes sharing both music and nature with his family and is always driving the force for good here at mySongbird™.

First ever concert: Muddy Waters at Chicagofest

John Thornton

John helps the mySongbird™ team find the answers they need, leaving no stone unturned. John’s passion for the guitar started when he first heard Metallica. He has a cat named Leo, after Lynyrd Skynyrd, and had another named Pantera.

First ever concert: Metallica

Neil Sheehan
Director of New Business Development

Neil Sheehan has been working in the music industry since 2001 and brings his experiences in the industry and as the owner of a leading independent record label to mySongbird™. He is a huge fan of bass fishing, and, beyond discovering and developing the Black Veil Brides, his coolest musical moment was getting to rap on stage with Vanilla Ice. 

First ever concert: Rod Stewart in the UK

Omar Lopez
Artist & Producer

A musician himself, Omar is passionate about mySongbird’s™ mission to help bands. He uses his creative talents to design and create artwork for the website and promotional materials. The stage and the golf course are his happy places, and one of his favorite concert memories was being able to open for the band “Lit” in 2013. 

First ever concert: Carlos Santana

Katie Rentz

A recent college grad fresh from studying Frank Sinatra and Fred Astaire, Katie helps keep everything organized and running smoothly from behind the scenes. She loves nothing more than being the first one to find a great band and, unlike Thornton, she’s not used to being the only Katie at a company. 

First Concert – B.B. King opening for Peter Frampton (featuring the guitarist from Cheap Trick)

Stefanie Marca
Experience Designer

Stef is passionate about creating memorable (and fun!) experiences for mySongbird™ members and is thrilled to be able to combine her love of music and the environment. On weekends you can find her exploring the newest local immersive experience in town, trying to befriend any animals she sees, and listening to every crate-digger set that Boiler Room has to offer.

First ever concert: NSYNC