Equity Crowdfunding 101: You Can Now Own Shares in mySongbird!

Imagine a new concert streaming platform where you can experience a truly massive list of both classic and upcoming concerts from your favorite artists such as The Killers, Imagine Dragons, U2, Rolling Stones, Katy Perry, Sam Smith, and many more! 

At mySongbird you have the opportunity to create endless new memories and relive your favorite classic concert moments wherever you go.

For just 25¢ a day, our annual members get to support artists and the environment (20% of our net proceeds go towards funding green initiatives!)

Both annual and monthly members can enjoy concerts from mySongbird’s ever-expanding collection of full-length music films, documentaries, and live streams.

All you need to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the show. 

All memberships include:

  • Access to our full-length, ad free concerts from your favorite bands and artists.
  • Music documentaries that get you up close and behind the scenes with your favorite live performances.
  • New releases continually added to our vast and ever-expanding catalog of the best bands and shows from all over the world.
  • Being part of A Force For Good and knowing that your membership contributes to our investment in green technologies to help save the planet.
  • Discounted access to livestreaming events and special member discounts!

For years, the music industry has changed in front of us; even before the coronavirus gripped the music industry, streaming was on the rise. According to a recent article in Forbes, live-streaming is gaining even more steam, up 99% this year alone. 

Our mission is to fill the void in concert streaming and create a revolutionary, sustainable company harnessing the power of music to change the world for the better through live streaming.

At mySongbird, we are modernizing the concert experience with our new concert streaming platform and restoring our planet through the power of music — all from the coziness of your couch. The best part? You can now own a part of our company!

We’re live on Wefunder and we are now raising capital via Regulation Crowdfunding from everyday people like you as well as accredited investors. Our current raise is in place to help us reach our goal of reaching the forefront of the live music streaming industry. 

We’re going to lay it out for you, and by doing so, we hope that you join our active and growing community of investors today. 

But First, What is Equity Crowdfunding?

Equity crowdfunding is a way for everyday investors to invest in early and growth-stage businesses. Equity crowdfunding gives investors part-ownership or equity shares in a business that they help to fund via an SEC-registered online funding portal like Wefunder.

Traditionally, this capital-raising space was dominated by venture capitalists and angel investors, but thanks to Title III of the JOBS act, everyone can handpick, gain a stake and invest in growth-stage businesses.

Now, back to why you should invest in us.

We are Uplifting an Industry Devastated by COVID and Bringing Concerts to a Screen Near You

Ever since COVID-19 brought concerts and tours to a crashing halt last spring, the global live music industry has been in a bind: It was one of the earliest industries forced to shut down, and it will likely be one of the last to reopen.

In the meantime, promoters and booking agents have lost jobs, venues have shuttered, artists have been cut off from one of their most reliable streams of income, and thousands of tour crew members have faced a financial and existential reckoning.

mySongbird is on a mission to bring the live concert experience back from the dead. Our founder, Mike Mountford, has successfully “gathered 500 classic concerts from the Universal Music Group, which can be found currently on the mySongbird platform.” 

Mike goes on and states, “Once COVID gets through the system and live music is back, there’ll be about a thousand concerts a week.” This is just in the US, and the opportunity to stream concerts from anywhere in the world is incredible; more concerts are being watched, and more musicians are getting paid.

With technology and innovation being a driver for mySongbird, many of the new shows we are recording feature our interactive and innovative myWay™ technology that allows the viewer to watch any angle of the show at any time.  

We’re Uplifting the Declining Rate in Revenue for Artists

The music industry has seen a resurgence over the last few years, displaying relatively strong growth after a decade of decline. Online music streaming is the major factor for this trend, with nearly 40% of the revenue being generated from streaming services. 

Live music has followed the trend of streaming over the last decade, with a CAGR of 3.3% and expected to reach $30.55bn in 2022. The growth is largely attributable to millennials driving the demand by valuing authentic experiences over possessions, leading to a higher preference to attend live concerts.

However, while the industry is booming, most artists’ primary source of revenue is touring; due to the bureaucratic and fragmented nature of the industry, they only receive approximately 10% of streaming royalties on average.

At mySongbird we believe musicians deserve to be paid for what they are worth, and mySongbird gives them that opportunity- musicians on our platform earn an extra source of income when they are featured. 

Mike Mountford states, “Musicians made almost all their money from touring, so if there was a concert channel just like in sports, it would be an extra revenue stream for the musicians.” 

We’re An Opportunity to Become a Force for Good

While artists will enjoy connecting with more fans and earning more income on mySongbird, the planet and our investors will also benefit.

Mike states, “I believe in technology, and I think the way we’re going to make a difference in the world is through technology, so 20% of mySongbird’s net income goes towards green technologies.” 

We hope to expand upon these goals and partner with green venture capital firms to further invest in these green technologies. 

The goal is to be A Force For Good as we invest in companies and individuals who are working on groundbreaking technological solutions to ensure that planet Earth lives on indefinitely.

To make sure we achieve our goals, we will seek out the greatest ideas, help entrepreneurs in their start-up phases, fund the best of these companies and assist in their growth.

We Have a Vison of Innovation

Our Founder Mike Mountford is a proven executive and entrepreneur with 40+ years of experience operating, growing, and acquiring home satellite television services in the United States. 

Founding his first company, Earth Terminal TV, at the age of 27, Mike grew the business from a start-up to one of the nation’s top satellite distribution companies by the mid-1990s. 

Mike has experience helping failing businesses regain success, and evolving stagnant companies into ones that thrive.

Invest in mySongbird to Make Live Concerts the Future of Streaming

In a COVID world, people aren’t going to concerts or festivals. At mySongbird we are introducing a real solution for those who miss the thrill of seeing their favorite artist perform. 

mySongbird will be the future of live concert and event streaming, with their powerhouse team behind it working tirelessly to make it a reality. Music ties us together, and an investment will allow you to be a part-owner of a revolutionary idea, but more importantly, you will be contributing to something even bigger than music; making Earth a better place.

We are confident that mySongbird is poised to rise to this unique moment in history and become a mainstay in the streaming service industry.

With your investment, you are bringing more concerts and opportunities to our platform, ensuring musicians get paid fairly, and investing in groundbreaking technologies. 

We are excited to be live on Wefunder so YOU can be a part of our journey. 

Not to mention, we offer bonus perks for those who invest with us, including:

  • $250 investment – one year free membership
  • $550 investment – one year membership plus opportunities to purchase pre-sale tickets
  • $1050 investment – two free one year memberships plus one year of free live streams
  • $5000 investment – two five year memberships, free streaming for five years, pre-sale ticket purchase opportunities and discounted tickets to mySongbird live concerts
  • $20,000 investment – two ten year memberships plus free streaming for ten years, plus front row VIP tickets to select mySongbird live events and band interactions (when possible) for two years
  • $100,000 investment – two twenty year memberships plus free streaming for twenty years, front row VIP tickets to select mySongbird live events and band interactions (when possible) for five years.  One special mySongbird concert where you and a guest will be flown to the event, put you up in a luxury hotel, and you will experience a live sound check and access to the band and their ‘green room’ if possible. 

We invite you to explore our campaign page, ask questions, and follow us on social media.

If you choose to invest, we would like to thank you personally, so be sure to include why you invested, and we’ll reach out to thank you.

If you have any questions, reach out to us!